6 reaktioner till “Fjäderdräkt/Plumage

  1. Great shot! Beautiful bird! 🙂
    For many years, i used to breed these. They have great personalities. People who have these need to have them on a good varied diet, with high quality parrot pellets as the main offering. Additionally, they should be taken out to exercise their wings each day. I hold mine in my hand and raise them up and down so that they vigorously flap their wings; this is done (repeatedly) many times in succession — up and down — so that they get plenty of exercise.

    1. They had this bird in a small restaurant near the beach. Part of the day it was in a very large cage and part of the day it sat free on this wooden stand you see in the picture. Sometimes they took the bird to the beach, but it did not want to bath 🙂 Anyway occasionally it made very, very high screams 🙂


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